Dot jobs,, an internet Top Level Domain like .com, .net, and .edu that serves the Global Human Resource Management Community by providing companies a simple, fast, and consistent method to communicate the exact online destination of their jobs page to job seekers using the Internet.  

Second Genistry LLC has applied to ICANN for the rights to 7 new top-level Internet domains that don’t exist today; .med, .casino, .home, .realestate, .realtor, .hot, and .career. Second Genistry is partnering with the Cleveland Clinic on the .med domain name to advance trusted medical related research and education for users within the health, medical, and wellness verticals on the Internet. Rock Gaming LLC would operate .casino as a source for secure online gaming and/or gaming related information. Second Genistry is working with the Chicago-based National Association of Realtors on .realtor, .realestate and .home. The association plans to allow its members and affiliates to use the domain names. Second Genistry filed for .career to complement .jobs, and it filed for .hot to serve as an alternative to general domain names such as .com.

Media One Group,, is the largest radio group in Chautauqua County and owns 5 radio stations in Jamestown, NY.

87.7 Cleveland Sound, - an alternative Cleveland radio station, that leans Triple A, located in the world famous Agora.

Sweet Home Ashtabula, a radio group that owns a 5 station cluster in Ashtabula, OH.

KFXA Fox 28,, is a television station in Cedar Rapids, IA that is an affiliate of the Fox Television Network.

Butler Broadcasting owns 3 radio stations in Fayetteville, AR - KXNA “The X”, KREB “The Fan”, and KFFK “Frankly Speaking Radio”.

second gen

Cobra Motorcycles,, the world’s leading manufacturer of mini motocross and ATV vehicles headquartered in Hillsdale, MI.

Cobra Aero’s mission, is to produce the best small engines in the world that provide their customers with the right combination of performance, weight, fuel economy, noise output, and durability.  The markets they serve are small aircraft (250 lbs and less) propulsion units, generator sets, and other remote energy needs (pumps, etc).

Cleveland HeartLab, Inc.,  offers a reliable and affordable group of biomarkers that provide additive and complementary insight into an individual’s risk for heart disease and cardiac events. In particular, we have developed a unique profile of tests focused on managing and reducing inflammation, but also offer an array of standard and advanced tests that doctors can choose from. Founded in 2009, Cleveland HeartLab’s mission is to lead in the pursuit of the identification and prevention of chronic disease though innovation. We offer advanced laboratory testing and specialize in cardiovascular disease prevention, diagnosis and management.

Clear Catheter Systems,, is a privately held medical device company that was founded to design, develop, manufacture and market innovative devices to facilitate surgical drainage.


Cleveland Heart, Inc. is a company developing small, next generation, mechanical cardiac circulatory assist devices with the potential to provide a new paradigm of treatment for patients suffering from irreversible end‐stage heart failure.

Juventas Therapeutics,, (formerly AcelleRX Therapeutics,) is developing novel regenerative medicine technologies discovered by Cleveland Clinic Cardiologist Marc Penn, M.D., Ph.D. for treatment of cardiovascular disease.  The company’s lead product, Stromal Derived Factor-1 (SDF-1) significantly increases cardiac function through promoting cell survival and revascularization post myocardial infarction (MI). 

SironRX, is developing novel therapies that promote wound repair and prevent scarring of dermal wounds.  Our lead product, JVS-100 is a clinically tested product that encodes Stromal cell-Derived Factor-1 (SDF-1).  SDF-1 is produced by the body in response to tissue injury and activates natural repair processes to prevent cell death and recruit stem cells to the damaged organ.

The Collaborent Group,, is a management company that designs, implements and operates collaborative business models for groups of organizations to control costs and improve operations.


Second Generation Properties, a real estate holding company investing in the Cleveland real estate market buying buildings that can offer value to tenants in unique commercial space.